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During the summer season, water consumption is high. We water our lawns and foundations, fill swimming pools and keep them clean, and we take cool showers to keep the heat at bay. But winter also sees a large use of water: we take long, hot showers to keep the cold away, and you might also have a lot of family visiting. Here’s how to keep your water usage and utility bills low during the winter months:

  • Add low-flow faucets to your showers and sinks. Fall and winter sees a lot of advised hand-washing to clean away germs. By adding low-flow fixtures, you can get the same high-pressure water flow without wasting extra gallons. Not only does this save you in terms of sheer water volume, but it also stretches out your hot water without making anyone feel shorted. This has extra benefits because you spend less on energy heating up new water after every shower. They’re also a perfect addition if you have family visiting, and you really need your water heater’s supply to last through double the showers.
  • Prepare your garden for hibernation. Trim back your perennials and shrubs, and mulch over the root systems of your garden beds, so your plants can die back without rot or frost damage. If you live in more moderate areas or have invested time and energy into a green house, you might consider a winter flower garden instead. Gardens need careful, constant watering to prevent frost or hard soil, but some cities charge extra for wastewater in the winter. If you already have plans for a winter garden, at least keep most of it in pots. That will reduce water loss, and it will keep the plant’s environment more under your control.

Don’t just focus on keeping your energy bill low this winter. Also think about water. How would your faucets benefit most from a low-flow cap, and how can you keep your garden healthily dormant through the season? For more winter water tips, contact us today.

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