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Your refrigerator is one of the biggest energy sinks in your home. It runs 24/7, and cold air rushes out every time the door is opened. This is especially true for older models, which don’t have the advantage of recent energy-efficiency measures. Even newer models are susceptible to poor energy utilization since bits and pieces can easily wear down, causing the fridge to not run optimally. Here are a few things you should check to make sure your refrigerator is running as efficiently as it can:

  • Check the door seals. The soft rubber ring around the edge of your refrigerator’s door is what helps keep the cold air inside. If it has a rip or a worn patch, or even if it’s coming a bit loose, that seal is no longer airtight. Regularly check to make sure it doesn’t have any holes, and run your hand along the edge of the closed door to see if you feel any cold air escaping. These door seals, or gaskets, are more fragile than the fridge, so check the gaskets before you completely replace your fridge.
  • Clean the vents. The vents along the bottom and the back of your refrigerator release the hot air generated by the cooling system. But pet hair, dust, and dirt can build up in the vent and stop the hot air from dissipating. This will overheat the system and either make it work harder or will break it down over time. The condenser coil could wear down over time too, but less regularly. These coils actively remove heat from your refrigerator, and layers of dirt make them work harder than they need to.

One of the best things you can do to maintain any major appliance is to clean it. Not only does this remove any build-up that stops it from running well, but also, it’s a good opportunity to check for broken or cracked parts. For more plumbing advice and home maintenance tips, contact us today!

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