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Copper is used in plumbing because of its resistance to rust. However, when copper encounters chlorine and formaldehyde in the air or soil, a slow breakdown occurs. This unnoticeable reaction is basically pipes being slowly “dissolved” chemically. Remember, this is not from the water your pipes transport. This erosion of copper pipes would occur if water never touched them.

Consulting an experienced plumbing company will answer any other questions about pipe corrosion. Which brings us to the water that does flow through your pipes.   

Buildup of Lime Scale 

Think of your pipes as the veins and arteries in your body. We know that cholesterol builds up on the inside of veins and arteries, restricting the flow of blood. Not good. In a similar scenario, a mineral called lime is in hard water. Over time, lime adheres to the inside of copper pipes, slowly accumulating. Obviously, water flow is slowly restricted, which you’ll sadly notice.

While there are a few ways of stopping lime scale buildup, totally ignoring its obvious presence will lead to professional plumbing servicesplumbing services.  

Thirsty Tree Roots

The roots of a tree are no respecter of the property of others. The water main pipes providing water to your house, and the sewer pipes exiting, are a target for tree roots. While this is largely unavoidable, it’s good to keep this in mind if planting new trees near your home.

Many times, professional help is successful in cutting out the tree root “intrusion” into your pipes. But, again, ignoring tree root problems only allows it to become worse. Which means pipe replacement is necessary for a home or business to function.  

Pipe replacement is a problem that is best to prevent, if at all possible. For more assistance, contact us today. Benefit from our decades of experience!

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