3 Easy Steps to Choosing the Best Faucets for Your Home

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Faucets are one of the most used plumbing features in your home. They add a decorative touch to your kitchens and baths, but their true beauty is in their effortless functionality. So, how do you choose the right faucets for your home? Start by choosing the best faucet your dollars can buy. Then hone in on these important features.

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  • Material: A home with children or teenagers requires a bathroom faucet made from tough material. A foodie requires a sturdier kitchen faucet. Brass or stainless steel – select a faucet that fits the unique needs of your home and family. Choose the longest lasting, most corrosion resistant material you can afford to help keep your faucets as maintenance-free as possible.
  • Maintenance: Faucets are one of those items that shut down your kitchen or bath when not functioning properly. Choose faucets that are designed to be as low maintenance as possible. Breakdowns do happen, though so go for a model that has easy-to-find replacement parts when needed. Also, look for long water supply hoses that make it easier to use tools where needed.
  • Manufacturer: Manufacturer reliability and reputation should play an important role in faucet selection. Whether store brand or high-end, does the manufacturer stand by their product? Do they offer a customer satisfaction guarantee? Do they come highly recommended by the retailer? Take all these things into consideration.

Choosing a faucet means selecting from an array of designs and finishes. Whether you’re choosing budget-friendly faucets or splurging on the fixtures of your dreams, it’s going to be a key element in your home for years to come. Pick the faucet you love with the features you need and the finish that complements your décor. Need additional help? Call the pros at Brian Wear Plumbing today. Our technicians are here to help you create a home you love and maintain it at the pace you need.

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