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Your kitchen sink’s garbage disposal can be a great tool, but it can also be a huge headache if things don’t go smoothly. If your disposal clogs frequently, seems to be wearing out faster than it should, or requires pushing the manual reset often, it might not be able to handle what you’re using it for. Certain foods make garbage disposals work harder and can be punishing on the system. Consider the types of food you grind in your disposal to avoid the painful, unexpected expenses of replacing it.

Pastas and Rice

Foods that expand in watery environments, like pasta, can expand in your drains. If they get past the disposal but get stuck, then they can form a sticky blockage that stops your disposal, and your sink, from draining.


Too much fats, oils, and grease are hard on your pipes. They can re-solidify and block the pipes, especially if they have sticky or solid leftovers. Make sure to set aside any leftover fats and oils so you can throw them away later, especially if you have pots and pans that must be cleaned by hand.

Fibrous Foods

Some vegetables, like asparagus, or even vegetable leftovers like onion skins, are too fibrous and tough for your garbage disposal to break down. They can be the culprit behind frequent manual resets and worn motors. 

No matter how strong or new your garbage disposal is, it won’t be able to handle every type of food waste. Instead, have a convenient bowl or container for leftover oils and unusable bits of produce, so you can throw it away later without having to walk away from your oven or sink. For more plumbing tips and easy ways to maintain your pipes, contact us.

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