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For any appliance with a filter, most of the problems in functionality or user satisfaction tie back to how often the filter is replaced. This is just as true for your ice filter as it is for your water filter. This statement holds whether you have a refrigerator that automatically makes ice or you have a stand-alone machine. If your ice machine’s filter has slipped under your radar, here are three signs to watch to change it immediately.

Byproducts start to build up in the ice container.

Some contaminants can cause slight, inconsistent variations in freezing temperature. Ice fragments may start to stick to the sides of the bin or chute. Either way, you’re left with a slimy ice box that has lime, slime, and a variety of debris that will make you reconsider consuming ice again. Keep your ice and icebox clean with a filter that pulls out and contains the contaminants away from the rest of the fridge.

Ice (and melted into water) has noticeable chemicals.

No matter what you have swimming in your water, whether it’s unwanted microbes or dangerous chemicals, it’s getting into the water diverted to making ice. Just because the water is frozen doesn’t lessen the impacts. Once it starts to melt, the same particulates will permeate into surrounding liquid, and a metallic tang can ruin your drinks. Use quality ice filters, like for your water, to prevent this.

Ice starts tasting funny.

Just like filtered water tastes better, filtered ice is preferable. This has a longer-lasting effect: distasteful ice is avoided and sits in the machine even longer. It will continue to absorb the chemicals and particulates building up in and around the bin, and ice will also start to absorb the various flavors of everything else stored in the freezer. Slightly off-tasting ice grows worse and is tossed, before another cycle of poorly filtered water and ice is made.

Remembering to replace your ice filter is just as important as replacing water and other filters. These signs indicate ice filter replacement is past due, and an easy fix and cleanse can greatly improve your ice-making machine, not only in product quality, but also in operation and efficiency. Contact us for more recommendations, maintenance tips and repairs, or to schedule a visit for your plumbing needs.

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