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When your shower takes longer to drain and you start noticing water pooling around your feet in the tub, it’s a sign your drain is going to clog soon. Once it clogs, you must deal with it quickly or a pipe may burst, causing further damage and needing costly repairs. If your drain is starting to look a little backed up, try some of these tricks to clear them out.

Pour in a Baking Soda-Vinegar Solution

A mixture of ⅓ cup baking soda and ⅓ cup vinegar poured directly down your drain will remove anything that’s built up in your pipe. Once you’ve poured it down there, let it sit overnight (or at least an hour) before flushing with hot water. You can improve on the flush by plugging your bathtub before filling with flushing water. When you unplug it, all the water rushes down, rinsing the mixture away. This method is easier than using caustic soda, which can cause nasty burns if you’re not careful.

Use a Wire Hanger

Using a straightened-out wire hanger with only a small hook on one end, push it past the drain cover and fish for hair and other nasty particles that may be blocking your drain. Pull this stuff out instead of pushing it down further. Once you’ve done this, run some hot water. Another tool that’s like this is a drain snake, like from a local hardware store, but a wire hanger can be a temporary, makeshift substitute.

Suck it Up!

A wet and dry vacuum set for liquids can help with potentially clogged drains. Tightly seal it over your drain, and increase power as necessary. This will draw the blockage out of your clogged drain into the vacuum bag.

Be sure to try these drain-clearing methods carefully. These may resolve smaller clogs, yet professional help may be needed for larger problems and to avoid further damage. For more information or if you need help unclogging your shower drain, contact us today!

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