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Every lawn is unique. Depending on your type of grass, your plants, the shade your house provides, and especially your climate, you might need to change the way you’re watering your lawn. This is especially true if you live in an arid part of the country, where over-watering your lawn has a high unit cost and can even result in regulation violations and fines.

What is the easiest way to stop overwatering your lawn?

There are two easy ways to keep your yard healthy while using less water:

First, change the times you water your lawn. The evening and early mornings are the best time for water because the cool temperatures allow more of the liquid to seep into the soil instead of evaporating. While early mornings are often hectic to always find time to manually turn on the sprinklers, installing a timer or automated sprinklers can be a wise investment.

The second easy way to use less water on your lawn is to change your equipment. Instead of using traditional sprinklers that shoot a mist of water into the air, find a few good soaker hoses that can distribute the water close to the ground. Just like with changing the watering schedule, this means more water saturates the soil and gets to your plants more directly, so you need less water overall.

What’s a long-term way to reduce your lawn watering bill?

The third, best way to get a healthy lawn is to find plants that are well-adapted to your region. Local grass varieties and shrubs are accustomed to growing healthy and green with the water conditions of your area’s climate, so you only need to water them in the middle of an extreme drought. Many local conservation movements and city programs across the country are even encouraging residents to switch to native grasses and plants, so check with your local government for grants or even just good deals on low-water plants.

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