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There are many things to be mindful of when tackling a plumbing project, safety being the most important. The right approach to plumbing safety protects you and the components you are repairing. Learning more about some of the hazards a plumber may face can help you decide if you should DIY or call a professional. From chemical burns to environmental hazards, there are several things you could encounter during a routine plumbing project and it’s important to have the right tools needed for protection.

Don’t Launch a Project Without These Plumbing Safety Tools

  1. Eye protection: If you are an avid do-it-yourselfer or love to work on home renovations, you know to wear protective lenses while using power tools. The same rules apply to plumbing. Since hazards can include liquid, including chemical cleaners and even water infused with bacteria, full coverage eye protection is a must to prevent eye injury.
  2. Respiratory protection: Crawl spaces may be packed with mold or other harmful particles that you can’t see. Using high quality respiratory protection ensures you are not harmed while you complete a routine task. In addition to mold, insulation and chemical cleaners could be lingering, so protect your lungs and respiratory system with a good quality mask.
  3. Non-slip shoes: Water is a major component in most plumbing projects, making it easy to slip and fall on wet tile flooring. Opting for protective, non-slip shoes can help prevent injury.
  4. Gloves: You could be exposed to any number of chemical cleaners and environmental risks when tackling a plumbing job. Even a clean looking bathroom can harbor thousands of germs and varieties of bacteria. Gloves (and a long-sleeved shirt) can help protect your skin from caustic chemicals and any germs that might be lurking on the job site.

Ensuring you have all the necessary protective gear before starting a plumbing task can help prevent eye damage, chemical burns, and dangerous respiratory conditions. If you’re not sure about handling a plumbing project on your own, Brian Wear Plumbing can help! Our skilled team is ready to handle all of your plumbing needs and answer any questions. Contact us today!

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