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Often, appliances need a little attention, maintenance, and repair, but there comes a time when it is better to invest in new fixtures. This can be caused by inefficiencies, or even a safety or health risks. If you’ve had the same sink for a few years, and you’re trying to decide if it needs to be replaced, check the following signs that you need to get a new kitchen or bathroom sink.

Water Volume Has Decreased

When the water flow from your sink starts to slow down to a trickle, it could be that its interior pipes have decayed. In fact, they may be leaking somewhere deep inside of your home’s wall structure, causing damage you can’t see. Check your pipes, and if needed, you may need to get rid of this sink as soon as possible.

It Backs Up After Multiple Treatments

Sinks clog from time to time due to hair, food particles, or other objects collecting in the drain. However, if your sink continually backs up, even after multiple treatments (even by professional maintenance), there’s a chance that there’s a deeper problem that requires completely replacing the sink.

Physical Damage Is Becoming Obvious

Hairline cracks in your sink aren’t a major deal, but these can quickly grow to greater damage. Although issues are small, water will seep under your porcelain, creating progressive destruction that can quickly eat holes in your sink.

Rust Is on the Tap

Water will eventually wear down the protection on many of your pipes, which may lead to breakdown and rust. Rust is a cancer of sinks and will eat holes through it easily. It can also contaminate your water, which is dangerous to use and drink.

Sinks must be see proper upkeep, but they will eventually see an end of life. Know when change is necessary. To learn more about sink damage and replacement, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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