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The toilet and humor are often funny because everyone can relate: everyone uses it! It’s crucial to keep your toilet well-maintained and in working order, else you may face costly repairs or replacement. To easily keep the fixture in top shape, take these simple preventative steps.

Every Few Months, Give Your Toilet a “Mini-Inspection”

Even the untrained eye will notice small problems, like a drop of water or two at the base of the toilet. But almost no small problem has ever fixed itself, and they can unfortunately get bigger. Consult a reputable plumber if you can’t realistically fix a small issue yourself. 

Only Flush Toilet Paper (No, Seriously)

The nature and purpose of toilet paper is to dissolve easily after it’s flushed. Mistakenly, we view the toilet as a catch-all, dispose-all invention. However, the toilet and plumbing system are not meant to handle denser matter. Only flush toilet paper and waste, and your risk of toilet problems decreases dramatically. 

Educate Your Children About “Rules of the Toilet”

Children follow the lead of adults when learning rules. When you instruct them that only toilet paper should be put in the toilet (toilet bowls are not good naval base scenes for action figures), you and stick to that rule yourself (kids tend to mimic adults), toilet problems are reduced.

Don’t Let A Toilet Run Unusually Long

Like that dripping faucet, a toilet that takes minutes to quiet after a flush may be a small problem now, but it’s a sign of greater issues if not resolved now. Like the faucet, it’s not only an easily fixable problem, but it’s a water-waster too. If you find that repairing the nuisance is over your head, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a qualified plumber. 

Have A Plunger Within Arm’s Reach

Despite our preventive diligence, someday our toilet may clog, maybe even overflow. That’s an inopportune time for a plunger search. Keep a plunger in the bathroom and within arm’s reach if possible and appropriate. Better to keep it handy in case of emergencies!

Even the best efforts in preventing toilet problems are no guarantee that you won’t need a professional plumber every once in a while to resolve that mysterious clog or broken component. For qualified, thorough plumbing solutions, contact us today for emergency, regular maintenance, or expert plumbing advice! 

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