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Who wants to go on vacation only to end up worrying about their plumbing back home? Exactly — no one. Plumbing plans during your vacation will alter depending on the time of year it is or the part of the country you live in. But everyone should follow a general set of plumbing planning tips so that when they do go on that exciting vacation, they don’t need to worry about their pipes back home.

Here are tips for plumbing planning for your 1-week vacation!

  1. In the Fall/Winter: Turn your air conditioner off or heating unit to the lowest level for minimum use — but set the heat high enough to avoid frozen pipes. Leave a faucet turned on just enough to trickle water through the pipes if you’ll be gone and feel concerned that your pipes may freeze.
  2. In the Spring/Summer: Turn off the main water supply to your home. If a pipe leaks, no one wants to come back from a vacation on the beach to more water in a flooded house. Turn off your hot water heater. Some hot water heaters actually have a “vacation” setting, but you can still turn it off by using the main breaker switch.
  3. If you own a well pump: Shut off the breaker to it as well as the isolation valve on the supply line. As long as the heat in your house is not turned off – and you don’t lose power while you’re gone – your pipes should not freeze and burst.

If you have any questions or concerns, or want your plumbing needs met by professionals who know how to do it right, contact us! We’d be more than happy to help to ensure you actually enjoy your vacation. After all — we’re willing to take the plunge!

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