About Brian Wear Plumbing Located in Columbia, MO

I started plumbing in 1996 and created my own plumbing business in 2005. I told myself that if I did good work at a fair price, I'd stay busy. Also, I wanted people to know that I was working for them, and my reputation was at stake so I named my business Brian Wear Plumbing. I still stand by those principles, and we're still busy. We treat your job like we would our own.

The early years mostly consisted of new construction work, but I saw that it wasn't going to last. In response, I used my experience to build a service business. The plumbing industry is constantly changing like so many other industries, and adapting is the key to avoid being left behind.

Over the years we've developed quite a clientele. Perhaps one of them referred you. The phone keeps ringing and we keep doing our best to provide the service expected. So give us a call at (573) 864-4463. I may even be able to help you over the phone. If not, I look forward to meeting you and serving you in all your plumbing needs.

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