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It is the last hot days of summer and you come into your air conditioning with only one thing on your mind, a tall, cool glass of water right from the tap. However, do you really know what is in that clear glass you are drinking? Because it is not just water in there, something the United States just got reminded of with the Flint, Michigan water crisis. Certain areas have certain things lurking in your tap water. Sometimes it is good things like minerals, but there are a lot of bad things that can be lurking in your tap water, making water purification systems so crucial.

Yet, tap water is regulated, right? That means people make sure there are not chemicals in it and it is safe to drink. Unfortunately, while the EPA and FDA have regulations in place for many chemicals in your drinking water, very rarely are those levels ever zero.

So what chemicals are lurking inside the tap?


This is a common one that was added to most city water lines in the 1940s to win the war on tooth decay. Unfortunately, in recent years there has been some backlash as studies began to turn up finding that fluoride was harmful to the thyroid gland and can calcify the pineal gland.


If you live in an area with old pipes, lead needs to be a big worry. When old lead pipes begin to corrode, they release lead into your tap water. To adults, lead is toxic to every organ in your body, but when children are exposed to it, lead can lead to a wide range of developmental issues as well as health issues.


Guess what, chlorine is not just for pool water. Cities use it to disinfect sewage, industrial waste, and to a small extent, your tap water. Unfortunately, long-term exposure to it through your tap water can cause respiratory problems, cell damage, and memory loss. If your water has a vague bleach taste to it, you may want to turn off the tap.

So what can you do about the chemicals that, to some extent, are likely present in your tap water? Many dealt with the issue by switching to bottled water. However, a number of filters effectively deal with tap water and the chemicals within. This can range from a cheap Brita filter, to a model installed right under your sink, all the way to an expensive whole house filter.

If you are really worried about what chemicals could be lurking in your tap water, your best advice can come from a plumber. If you’re in the Columbia, Missouri area, nobody knows our local water better than Brian Wear Plumbing. Contact us today to see what your tap water options could be.

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