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People talk about water pressure but may only need to recognize it as, “this shower head is blasting me in the face, and that is good.” It’s more important than initially thought, though. Read on for the rundown on water pressure to get you well on your way to taking care of your own issues as pressure may diminish over time.

What is Water Pressure?

Water pressure is, like the name implies, the force of water coming from a pipe. To explain simply, higher pressure means the water comes out faster, while lower pressure means it comes out slower, even down to a trickle.

Why Does Pressure Diminish?

There could be several reasons for why your water pressure diminishes over time, a few common culprits include mineral or debris buildup in faucets, damaged pipes, or valves not working correctly.

How Can You Fix it?

One of the simplest solutions to check is to turn and open your main water shutoff valve, usually located on or near your main water tank. Sometimes, it can be accidentally shifted towards the off position, closing off your water supply, so just turn it back and you’ll be golden.

Mineral deposits may build up in the faucet or shower head. This would likely be the issue if only one or two faucets in the house are giving you pressure issues. Simply clean them out with a cleaning product or a 1:1 white vinegar and water mixture, wash them out, and put the faucet back together.

Finally, damaged pipes are a much more serious issue. If this is what you suspect or have observed, immediately shut off your water and call a professional plumber. It’s not wise to try and tackle this issue yourself with only limited experience, as improperly fixed pipes could lead to further costly damage.

In the end, many plumbing issues related to water pressure aren’t too difficult to fix on your own, provided you’ve got a little idea of what to do. Just remember to be safe by turning off your water if you’re removing anything serious, have your tools ready, and have a plumber ready to call if there’s anything you’re unsure of, not comfortable with doing on your own, or an emergency arises.

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