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It’s a dreaded moment when you step into the shower one morning, groggy, desperate to wake up, and you turn on the faucets and there is no hot water. Right then and there, you realize that your day is going to start off very rough.

If you have a gas fueled water heater tank, a tiny component inside controls a lot about what is going on in your house. In these water heater tanks, there are only a few reasons why you suddenly have no hot water, and honestly, none of them are very fun to face. Luckily, some are easier to fix than others.

Over time, the ignition system of your water heater has probably corroded or has simply worn out. The thermocouple uses a low voltage charge due to the properties of the metal and hot and cold differentials to create an electric current. This controls the flow of gas into the water heater, which is good in that it closes when the thermocouple becomes faulty, thus preventing your home from filling up with flammable gasses. Replacing this device can return your hot water within the hour.

Since water is such a destructive element in nature that promotes corrosion and electrolysis, there is the potential for much more serious problems. At worst, your entire water heater may be far too damage, irreparable, and need complete replacement. Contact us to address those concerns. A full replacement needs a professional diagnosis and repair. We can even service your water heater with preventative maintenance to avoid bigger problems in the future.

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