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You get out of your shower in the morning only to realize you are standing in a pool of water from a clogged drain. You get dressed and head out to the store to buy some drain cleaner only to realize there are more brands, sizes, and different chemicals than you can imagine. You pull out your smartphone and see that there are many different home remedies as well, all of which have you pulling things out of your cupboard and performing minor chemistry experiments in your bathroom. While some of these practices are safe for your pipes, some concoctions might actually cause more harm!


Plain bleach is one of the leading causes of early pipe replacement. On top of being corrosive, it can also react with buildup in the pipes and release toxic fumes, which can be harmful to you and your family. As far as Do-It-Yourself remedies go, a baking soda and vinegar rinse is the recommended method from Brian Wear Plumbing.

ENDURE Drain Line Maintainer

Most chemical drain cleaners you can get at the store are safe for use on your pipes. Even still, chemical drain cleaners work by creating a chemical reaction with the clog, which creates heat and potentially corrosive materials. These chemicals can pose a risk to you and your family’s health if they are swallowed, inhaled, or exposed to the skin or eyes. Brian Wear Plumbing’s ENDURE Drain Line Maintainer helps prevent clogs and buildup and is a non-toxic, safe option for your pets, family, and the environment.


As always, if you have any doubts about what to use or the composition of your pipes, it is best to err on the side of caution and contact a professional. Ensuring your plumbing is always in working order and avoiding corrosive cleaners such as straight bleach and off-brand drain cleaners can prevent you from prematurely replacing pipes and creating costly repair jobs in the future. Contact us today if you have any questions, concerns, or need for services.

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