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Anyone who has lived in Missouri long enough to experience winter knows this time of year can certainly bring colder days. Winter is also when you may find yourself needing a plumber in Columbia, MO from Brian Wear Plumbing to help with any of the common winter-related plumbing issues discussed below.

Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes are one of the most common emergency plumbing issues that can happen during winter in Missouri. If you’re noticing signs of pipes that are frozen, contact your local plumbing company right away, frozen pipes can expand and cause the affected pipe to burst. Insulating your pipes is one way to reduce the winter freezing risk.

Drain Clogs

Clogs tend to be more common during winter since this is when more time is spent indoors. Also, holiday visitors and activities, especially those involving the kitchen, often boost the use of drains in homes. Minimize winter drain issues by watching what you put down your disposal and scheduling routine cleanings before the holidays.

Sewer Problems and Other Common Winter Issues

Tree roots are normally more active in winter as they go in search of underground water, which increases the risk of having backed up sewer lines from intrusive roots. Winter is also a time when you may need plumbing repairs taken care of that involve:

  • Water heater issues from increased hot water usage
  • Sump pump problems from freezing and thawing cycles and melted snow
  • Frozen outdoor spigots

No matter what time of year it may be in Columbia, MO, Brian Wear Plumbing is the plumbing companyto turn to when your pipes or other plumbing parts or appliances need some attention. We’re also at your service if you prefer to schedule a routine inspection so any plumbing issues can be taken care of before seasonal changes occur.

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