Common Sewer Line Issues

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Common Sewer Line Issues

It is important as a homeowner to be aware of your sewer line and potential problems that may occur. We can easily fix most issues with spot repairs or a good cleaning of the lines when problems are found early on. This helps you to avoid an immediate need for sewer line replacement in Ashland, MO.

Tree Roots

Sewer line repair in Ashland, MO, is often the result of tree roots invading the pipes. Most properties have trees on them that have large roots spreading out quite far from the actual tree itself. As soon as a tree roots makes its way through the pipe, the sewer line is damaged. If left without repairing, further damage may occur over time.

Broken Pipes

Your sewer line is buried deep within the ground. This subjects it to many natural elements that put it at risk for damage. The ground shifts and freezes. This can cause the lines to break, crack, become misaligned, or even collapse. These issues often require sewer pipe line repair in Ashland, MO, from Brian Wear Plumbing.


These are common and can be easily fixed with our sewer repair in Ashland, MO. Blockages can form from wipes and other foreign matter being flushed as well as a build-up of grease or food particles that are rinsed down the drain.


Leaking joints happen as a result of a broken pipe. Once the pipe breaks or a connection comes apart, water is allowed to leak out into the surrounding area. Replace sewer line in Ashland, MO, promptly to correct this problem before further damage occurs.

When you suspect that one of these problems may be present in your home’s sewer line, it is important to call a plumber in Ashland, MO, right away. Contact Brian Wear Plumbing at to schedule an inspection today.

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