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Sometimes water leaks are obvious. If you have a leaky faucet, you’ll hear the drip, drip, drip. In other cases, you might notice a puddle of water on your basement floor, or around your water heater or washing machine. However, in some cases detecting a water leak does take some sleuthing to determine where the issue is coming from.

One of the first suspicious signs of a hidden water leak is a noticeable increase in your water bill. Especially if the leak involves hot water, a sizable water bill should be cause for concern. If you happen to notice your water meter running and you know that no one in the house is currently using water, that is a sign that somewhere in your house water is running. In addition, if you try to use water in your home and you cannot get good water pressure, it could mean that somewhere there is a substantial leak which is siphoning off most of your water.

The causes of a hidden water leak are many. If you have a basement or crawl space, you can check for water stains underneath your home. This will often tell you which area above has a leaking pipe or appliance. If you sit on your toilet and it rocks back and forth, it could be a sign that a hidden leak is rotting away the wood located underneath. Most water heaters last around 15 years, so if yours is getting on in years, it could be the culprit. If you have radiant heat underneath your flooring, a leak might drain into porous ground without puddling, leaving you unaware that it is leaking.

If you have noticed a significant increase in your water bill, have a drop in water pressure or notice your water meter is running when water is not in use, please contact us. We can correctly diagnose where your water leak is stemming from and correct the problem ASAP.

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