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With spring in full swing and summer on its way, gray days of icy roads and windy afternoons will be just a memory. In spring and summer, trees cast shade on your neighborhood, and the smell of sweet blossoms is already on its way. But did you know that your trees have been busy all winter long? While you were inside and staying warm, those lovely shade trees outside, bare since fall, have continued growing, adding another ring to their trunks and roots. By the time the ground is thawed, those root systems have been hard at work, finding microscopic cracks in your plumbing and sewer lines. Those cracks lead to water leaks, and potential entry points for tree roots to grow.

Over time, roots will infiltrate your plumbing system and eventually choke out both sewer and water lines. This means that your drains, basement pumps, and sewer are at risk for major backups. Where does that water go then? Right back up into your home!

Occasional rootering is vital for the health of your wastewater systems, not only from your home to street sewer lines, but also from your drains and toilets within the home. Once those tree roots grow into the lines and pipes, they will work their way throughout, spreading and eventually blocking out your water system entirely. This can create bigger leaks and breaks in your pipes and lines, so you want to clear clogged drains now before getting out of control.

That big weeping willow in the front yard looks pretty and keeps the sun off your house in the heat of warm weather. There’s no need to rid it to keep your plumbing functioning properly. Prevent a big, expensive mess that could cost you thousands of dollars in damage repair and replacement by contacting us today! You can rest easy through the year, knowing your plumbing isn’t in danger from your growing tree.

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