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Garbage disposals are a must-have for homeowners who want to make cleaning the kitchen a breeze, as it allows you to get rid of food waste quickly and easily. However, it shouldn’t serve as replacement for your trash bin. It has limitations and requires proper care and usage to get the most out of it. Brian Wear Plumbing, your reliable plumber in Columbia, MO, shares the do’s and don’ts for your garbage disposal.

Do Ensure a Professional Installation

Even if you get the best garbage disposal out there, it won’t work as intended if it is incorrectly installed. Worse, it may only fail sooner than expected. You may also risk damaging your pipes, leaving you with an emergency plumbing issue.

Do Use Cold Water

Using cold water allows greasy substances to solidify fast, so they can go down easily the garbage disposal instead of attaching to the sides of the pipes. While hot water can liquefy residual fats and let them easily flow through the pipes, they eventually solidify once they cool down, increasing the risk of clogs. If you suspect a clog, seek plumbing services immediately.

Do Use It Regularly

Many homeowners think using it once in a blue moon will help extend its lifespan. However, not using it regularly will only put the unit at risk of corrosion, resulting in untimely plumbing repairs.

Don’t Grind Hard and Fibrous Food Scraps

Foods like bones, corn husks, celery, lettuce, and potato peels tend to wrap around the blades, jamming them up. This can cause your garbage disposal to malfunction.

Don’t Put Large Amounts of Food at Once

Feeding a bulk of food scrap down the garbage disposal will only cause problems later on. Instead, put food down the unit in smaller portions to avoid clogs.

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