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Lower energy consumption is one of the many benefits that’s often mentioned as a reason to consider a tankless water heater, and the team here at Brian Wear Plumbing can attest that the energy savings can be significant. Tankless water heaters minimize energy usage in several ways.

Reduced Thermal Loss

A traditional water heater warms a large quantity of water at once. The water then waits in the tank until it’s piped to a faucet or fixture. Heat can be lost during the storage and transportation of the water, but this isn’t a problem with a tankless unit because hot water is generated near the point of use.

On-Demand Operation

Traditional water heaters are always running, but tankless water heaters only consume energy when hot water is in demand. As any plumber in Columbia, MO, will tell you, the fact that tankless units remain on standby for much of the day can greatly reduce a household’s energy usage.

Customizable Settings

With a traditional water heater, there is only one temperature setting. By opting for tankless water heater services, however, you can have multiple units that can be set to various temperatures depending on their placement throughout your home.

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