Gas Line Installation and Repair

Gas Line InstallationWhat are Gas Lines?

Gas lines run throughout your home which supply gas to services such as gas-powered water heaters and gas-powered stoves. Gas is used in homes for many purposes and utilized by many devices. Without being properly and safely hooked up to your gas line, these devices will not function suitably and can potentially be dangerous to your home and its residents.

Why Do Gas Line’s Need to be Repaired?

Similar to water pipes and drains that corrode and become weaker with time, gas lines also corrode and become weaker as well. However, unlike common pipes and drains, gas lines are exceptionally dangerous and requires the utmost safety and care when repairing or installing. As a flammable substance, the mishandling of gas line installation and repair can result in explosions or carbon monoxide leaking which can damage your home, property, and especially your family if not handled properly.

Brian Wear Plumbing’s Dedication to Safety

At Brian Wear Plumbing, our professional plumbers are aware of the many dangers that come with gas line installation and repair, as well as the necessary safety measures to ensure a safe home or workspace environment such as:

  1. Turning off the gas when operating in your home.
  2. Ensuring the rooms of operation has proper ventilation.
  3. Inspecting for carbon monoxide.
  4. Inspecting the water heater for optimal ventilation for the exhaust.

What Do I Need to Know About Gas Line Installations or Repair?

though they are a normal procedure, gas lines installation and repair also require extreme safety and care when being maintained or replaced entirely. At Brian Wear Plumbing, we recognize the importance of safety in this task, and strive to provide the utmost quality and care when working with your gas lines. With that in mind, we are happy to test your home for leaks in the gas system. Additionally, testing for gas leaks is now included in the Customer Protection Program membership inspection. If you have any questions about gas line installations, safety precautions, or other topics regarding gas line installation and repair. Feel free to contact us or call us at 573-864-4463 today.

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