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Many people think of plumbing as a relatively stagnant industry and that not much changed since the days of the Roman Empire. However, the plumbing industry is changing with the times, and in the 21st century, we’re eco-friendlier than ever before.

Water conservation has been the top of many considerations for years now, and consumers have been pushing manufacturers for more environmentally friendly options. You may already have low-flow or half-flush toilets, low-flow shower heads, or a high-efficiency washing machine in your home. There are also high-efficiency dishwashers that can reduce the average family’s water usage by as much as 700 gallons a year.

Other emerging advances include greywater recycling systems. These systems collect the relatively clean water from showers, washing machines, sinks, and dishwashers and treat it as necessary before then reusing it for sprinkler systems or toilet flushing. These systems are becoming more and more affordable, and newer homes may even have them built in.

A popular green option among homeowners is the tankless water heater. Although a bit more expensive than a conventional water heater, a tankless model can provide a constant supply of hot water while being up to 50% more energy efficient. Many consumers are turning to such products to lower their bills and reduce their carbon footprint at the same time.

The EPA has also created the WaterSense program to find more efficient ways to use water in homes and communities while conserving resources. There are many WaterSense-approved products available that can help consumers reduce their water usage and environmental impact.

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