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What’s causing your water heater to leak? It’s been working great for many years. Now, you have a pool of water and don’t know why it happened. Let’s look at some reasons why water heater leaks happen.

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The Drain Valve Is Loose

If you have a traditional water heater in Columbia, MO, the drain valve may be the culprit. Look at the bottom of the tank, there, you should see a valve that’s used to drain the water heater. If the valve fitting is loose, water could be leaking out. Call a plumber to get the fitting tightened up right away.

The Internal Pressure Is Too High

The water coming into the water heater is under pressure. When it heats up, the pressure increases. If that pressure gets too high, the tank’s TPR (temperature-pressure release) valve may open and release water to alleviate excess pressure.

This can happen if the water temperature is set too high or if the water pressure coming in is too high. In either case, call a plumber in Columbia MO to handle it.

The inside of a traditional water heater is lined with glass. Over time, sediment deposits at the bottom of the tank can crack the glass. Another cause of cracking is the stress of constant heat against the surface.

In any case, if the glass lining of the tank cracks, you will need a water heater replacement in Columbia, MO. There’s no way to repair a cracked lining.

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