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Most people don’t think about their water heater until something goes wrong, like when it starts leaking or stops heating your water. There a few things that can be done to extend the life of your water heater before reaching these problems. These steps will improve its efficiency and output.

Unless you have a tankless, on demand water heater, you probably have a storage tank style water heater, where hot water is stored and always kept hot. This is done with either a gas burner or electrical elements. Depending on your water quality, sediment from your water settles in the water tank, which can accumulate and affect your heater’s efficiency and cause your tank to develop a leak prematurely. Ridding your water heater of this sediment is a little like changing your car’s oil filter; it’s just smart maintenance.

Having your water heater serviced periodically every year or two can greatly increase a water heater’s life expectancy. There are several other problems that may be pointed out when servicing this appliance, such as a non-functioning water shut-off valve, drain valve, clogged floor drains, and more. These issues can be particularly difficult to deal with if your water heater is on a finished level, so having it done by a qualified, licensed, insured professional is critical.Regular maintenance, whether it be sediment cleaning or professional inspection, helps protect the structural integrity of your water tank. It also improves the efficiency of your gas burner or electrical elements that heat the water and assures that you’re getting the maximum volume of heated water. Contact us today for further information or scheduling a maintenance visit.

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