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Main Causes of Sediment BuildupWhile sediment may not seem like a big problem for household plumbing systems, it can become apparent in the form of discolored water, a drop in pressure, or popping sounds of heated water bubbling out of the sediment layer. The problem with limescale, rust, or silt sediment is that it can harbor bacteria that can get into the water system. For further insight, let a local plumber in Columbia, MO, review some of the most common causes.

Limescale Buildup

For household water sources with a hard-water classification, limescale is a common problem. Any obvious buildup on showerheads or taps probably indicates that limescale exists in the water heater or pipes. Limescale can be particularly difficult for dishwashers or other appliances. Potential solutions would be a filtration system or a water softener or a water heater replacement by our team’s qualified technicians.

System Rust

Rust is one of the most common causes of water heater sediment and is evident as orange or brown water. Rust is often the result of deterioration in iron pipework or in a traditional water heater. In addition to being a cause of bacteria-harboring sediment, rust is a precursor to leaks.

Preventive solutions to system rust include an updated traditional water heater or a tankless water heater, which produces hot water on demand and stores no water at all.

Particles and Debris

Though not as common, debris or other organic material can also be a cause. Debris buildup is often a result of an open tank or inadequate protection. Not only can debris be dust or particles, but it can also include animals or droppings, making it one of the most hazardous contaminants.

Regular inspections are a top priority. Especially deteriorated systems would benefit from a new water heater installation courtesy of Brian Wear Plumbing.

Taking Action

If sediment becomes a consistent problem, water heater repair in Columbia, MO, is your best option for remedying contaminated systems and preventing further deterioration. We will be sure to remove sediment buildup in pipes with a system flush.

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