Main Causes of Sewer Backups

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Main Causes of Sewer Backups

Homeowners would expect all household systems to work seamlessly, but sometimes one thing or another will go wrong. Brian Wear Plumbing helps clients stay one step ahead of a disaster by sharing vital information about the common causes of emergency plumbing situations like sewer backups.


One of the most common causes of sewer backup is clogs. Tissue paper, diapers, plastics, or grease can jam a drainage system making you call a plumbing company to help unclog it. It is essential to avoid flushing items labeled ‘do not flush’ to avoid frequent clogs.

Prevent clogging your drains by disposing of waste appropriately. Scheduling regular maintenance of the sewer pipes is advisable. In addition, kitchen grease shouldn’t be poured directly into the kitchen sink. Clogs can mess normal daily activities and require frequent visits from your plumber in Columbia, MO.

Tree Roots

Another leading cause of sewer backups is tree roots. Depending on the lawn’s position, tree roots can penetrate the drainage pipes and block the passage of waste. The damage caused by the roots requires plumbing services that can turn out to be costlier.

Tree roots do not necessarily have to be on the property, so it is difficult to anticipate this problem. When the problem occurs, cutting the roots and repairing the sewer system is the best approach. Choosing sturdy material for the pipes can help prevent a further incident.

Broken or Collapsed Pipes

Broken or collapsed pipes can cause sewer backups. Plumbing repairs are required to fix the problem. The pipes mostly break since they are old. Many tubes in the country are over a hundred years old. Have our team replace the old pipes to make sure that you will have a functional sewer system.

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