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Sediment buildup in water heaters results from minerals and other solid particles from the water supply that accumulate in the tank over time. This can cause significant issues, from reducing the efficiency of your water heater to complete failure of the unit.

To help you detect sediment buildup and be able to call for prompt water heater repair in Columbia, MO, our experts at Brian Wear Plumbing share some obvious signs to look out for:

Rusty and foul-smelling water

Over time, the accumulation of sediment can cause the heating element and the walls of your tank to corrode and rust. This can result in rusty-looking water coming from your taps. It can also lead to a bad taste or odor in hot water, which signals a need for professional water heater services.

Unusual noises

When water starts to heat up, the sediment present in the tank also begins to heat up. This causes it to move around and produce rumbling, popping, or other strange noises. If you hear these sounds coming from your water heater, it’s a sign that the issue is becoming more severe and needs to be addressed quickly.

Decreased hot water

A tankless water heater can also be affected by mineral deposits and sediment buildup. Over time, these can clog the heat exchanger, which in turn reduces the flow of hot water. If you notice a decrease in the hot water supply, it’s best to have your unit checked as soon as possible.

Higher utility bills

Sediment buildup will cause your appliance to work harder, requiring more energy to heat the water. This will inevitably result in an increase in your gas or electricity bill. Your traditional water heater needs frequent maintenance and should be flushed at least every six months (or more frequently if you have hard water) to continue to run efficiently.

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