Professional Plumbing Tips

Lower Your Water Bills This Winter by Preparing Now

invoices and calculator

While long-term water use, such as daily lawn watering and showers, have the largest impact on your overall water consumption, sudden emergencies can make your water bills surge. Whenever your water heater breaks, a pipe bursts, or something in the plumbing cracks, you can lose a lot of water before repairs are being made. Here's how to reduce the chances of winter water emergencies and keep your water bill manageable:

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Upgrade Your Shower Experience

contemporary bathroom with top-mount shower head

Installing a new shower head in your bathroom is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to make your daily shower a little more luxurious. While a traditional wall-mount shower head may be just fine for getting you clean, it's nice to know that there are choices out there that can transform your hygiene routine!

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Hot Water Scald Protection for Your Home

tub faucet lever

Scald protection devices are prevention valves installed to help maintain water temperatures and keep you and your loved ones safe from hot, scalding water temperatures.

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2 Easy Plumbing System Changes to Lower Your Water Bill This Winter

ceramic bathroom sink and chrome faucet

During the summer season, water consumption is high. We water our lawns and foundations, fill swimming pools and keep them clean, and we take cool showers to keep the heat at bay. But winter also sees a large use of water: we take long, hot showers to keep the cold away, and you might also have a lot of family visiting. Here's how to keep your water usage and utility bills low during the winter months:

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Why is Your Water Heater Making a Popping Noise?

hand holding a tube coming from bottom of water heater tank

Ever hear your hot water heater make a popping or bubbling noise? That noise is caused by a buildup of sediment and could eventually cost you a pretty penny in the long run if not resolved quickly and correctly.

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