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A bathroom remodel can be a great way to update and add value to your home. That said, ensure you start the project on the right foot. Otherwise, you could run into problems that may be difficult to rectify in the long run. Brian Wear Plumbing, your premier plumbing company, shares these handy tips you may follow:

Hire an Experienced Plumber

Your bathroom comprises a complex network of plumbing pipes, fittings, and fixtures, which is why it’s crucial to hire a qualified plumber in Columbia, MO, for your remodeling project. They will ensure your plumbing is safe, efficient, and up-to-code. Before deciding to hire one, always ask about their licenses, insurance, and other credentials.

Decide If You Want to Move Plumbing Fixtures

If you want to change your bathroom’s layout and move plumbing fixtures, expect the project to cost more and take longer to finish. That’s because we may need to change or transfer the vents, which may involve tearing up the walls. If you want to move the toilet, we need to retrofit the pipes and perform plumbing repairs.

Figure Out Whether to Conceal the Pipes or Not

Hiding the pipes or not is more of a design preference and won’t affect the functionality of your plumbing. Opting for concealed pipes will help you achieve a sleek, modern aesthetic for your bathroom. Meanwhile, exposed pipes will provide a more industrial feel. It’s best to decide on this before getting plumbing services because it will be difficult and expensive to modify it later on.

Think Ahead

Besides your current needs, think about what you might want in the future. If you plan on adding a bathtub or shower in the long run, make sure that you factor this into the remodel plans. This will save you from having to redo plumbing work in the future.

Install Water-Saving Fixtures

Water-saving fixtures in your bathroom can help you save money on your monthly bills and reduce your environmental footprint. Look for plumbing fixtures with the WaterSense label, as these products are designed to conserve water without compromising performance.

Keep these tips in mind, and don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Brain Wear Plumbing if you have any questions or need assistance with the project. You can also rely on us for emergency plumbing services.

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