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3 Simple Steps to Take Care of Your Kitchen Drain

Kitchen sinks seem like they can handle whatever you throw at them: boiling hot water when you're draining pasta, leftover cooking oil, and even leftover food when you're rinsing off dinner plates before putting them in your dishwasher. But drains, both with and without a garbage disposal system, sometimes get backed up or damaged if you aren't careful. Here's how to avoid putting the wrong thing down your kitchen sink:

kitchen sink with water running from faucet and a flower in jar next to it

  • Throw away what you can. Coffee grounds, used grease, and particularly large bits of food shouldn't go down your drain. If you're in the middle of making a meal, set aside a disposable container to pour used oil while you cook. Once the oil cools and solidifies, throw it away. Similarly, you should throw away coffee grounds or even save them for your garden and mulch pile!
  • Cover your drain with a grate and strainer. This will collect larger pieces of food and trash, so you can just tip the grate and pull the strainer out, emptying into your trash can. Also, a grate or strainer can help stop rings and silverware from falling down the drain. There's nothing more harrowing than trying to fish them out of a garbage disposal, right?
  • Regularly clean your drain. Whether you stick to a weekly routine or you just want an easy set of steps you can follow each time you empty the sink, cleaning your drain stops both oily build-up and odor. Rinsing the sink and drain with hot water is a good daily step, and pouring a bit of baking soda or vinegar (or a combination of both) down the drain with hot water will keep your drain even cleaner.

Taking care of your kitchen drain is mostly a matter of knowing what to not pour down it and keeping up with a bit of regular maintenance. Most drainage problems come from long-term build-up, so taking small preventative steps will keep your drains running. For more tips or for professional plumbing help, contact us today.

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