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Keep Your Toilet in Good Shape with Simple Maintenance

Toilets may be one of the most used fixture in a home, and if they are not properly used and maintained, they may also be one of the messiest fixtures to clean up, repair, or replace. Upkeep on a toilet is relatively simple, which is much easier than neglecting it and possibly finding yourself in need of a difficult toilet replacement. Follow these tips to help keep your toilet in good shape longer.

low angle view of toilet in tile wall bathroom

Clean your toilet regularly

Easy enough, right? Cleaning the toilet is not only hygienic, but also, going through the process will help you find any leaks or problems with or around the toilet, whether it's with the fixture itself or even plumbing pipes.

Inspect the inside of the tank

Regularly take the lid off the tank, and inspect the components inside to make sure they are properly functioning. The fill valve should stop the water at the appropriate level, the flapper should be sealing well, and there should be no cracks or leaks coming from the tank.

ONLY flush human waste and toilet paper

It is very important to only flush human waste or toilet paper down the toilet. All matter that is flushed must go somewhere. These can stick to pipes and clog your plumbing system or even cause problems in a sewer system. By only flushing toilet paper and human waste, it could save you from costly repairs and further maintenance down the road.

Call a plumber if there's uncertainty

It is okay if you are not sure about the circumstances of a toilet problem. A toilet that is continually clogging, hissing upon every flush, or backing up with dirty water may be problems that require professional knowledge and experience. Always contact a plumber for any serious issues.

For more tips on taking care of your toilet, or professional help on your indoor or outdoor plumbing system, contact Brian Wear Plumbing today.

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