Professional Plumbing Tips

When Is Your Water Filter Really Ready to Be Replaced?

sink faucet running water

Water filters are a necessity. Any water line you use for drinking, cooking, and cleaning needs extra tools to ensure that the water you're using has as few toxins and undesirable microbes as possible. However, the traditional filters that come with refrigerators and those that can be added to your sinks are a bit imprecise.

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Importance of Gas Line Maintenance

gas stove burner turned on

Many people dream of owning a home, and fulfilling that dream takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice until the day the realtor hands over the keys into the owner's hands. This was probably your story and the day that you achieved this goal was probably one of the happiest. However, the story does not end there. Homeowners are faced with the responsibility of keeping their home up to code by ensuring that routine maintenance is performed as needed. One of the most important things to maintain is your gas lines. If you are unsure about what to do, here is a quick guide that will help answer some of the questions involved with gas line maintenance. 

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Prevent Hairy Clogs in Your Shower Drain

shower drain

Drains channel water through your plumbing system and are very important components overall. Without them, water will go nowhere, standing in basins. While showering and bathing, hair follicles fall and can clog a drain. Nobody likes cleaning hair from a shower drain, so it might remain sitting there, picking up clumps of shampoo, conditioner, and soap, blocking up your drain even more. Eventually, it seems like your shower takes forever to drain. Here are two tips for avoiding the problem altogether:

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Routinely Maintain Your Sump Pump

generator next sump pump and pipes

If you have a sump pump in your home, it might be hidden away in an area you don't visit too often, but that doesn't mean you can just install it and forget about it. Regular maintenance on your sump pump is vital to keep it in working order and may keep you from expensive repairs or flooding damage down the road.

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What to Do About Your Water Supply in a Power Outage

pipes and pipe connector

It's unsettling when the power goes out in a home. Modern homes are more power-centric than ever, supporting just lights, appliances, electronic gadgets, and more. During the winter months, electrical outages can also wreak havoc on your plumbing system and appliances if outdoor temperatures drop below freezing, and the outage lasts long enough to allow the water in your pipes to freeze, making power outage even more aggravating. Homeowners can avoid dealing with water supply issues if the power goes out in their home with the following tips.

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