Professional Plumbing Tips

3 Steps to Help Determine When You Should Replace Your Sump Pump

replacement of sump pump unit in basement

If you're like most homeowners, you probably don't think much about your sump pump – until something goes wrong. The worst time to discover your sump pump needs work is when your basement or home is filling with water. Learning more about how your sump pump works will allow you to spot the signs of trouble early and ensure this important device gets the attention it needs.

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3 Precautions to Take to Prevent Rusty Pipes

rusty pipe along wall of building

When exposed to too much oxygen, pipes are vulnerable to corrosion and the development of rust. All metal pipes, including copper, cast iron, and galvanized steel, are vulnerable to corrosion, and hot water pipes are even more susceptible than their cold water counterparts. If you're worried about rusty plumbing, consider these three precautions.

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6 Ways to Build Energy Efficient Plumbing into Your Home

energy efficient dishwasher installed in remodeled kitchen

Are you planning to remodel a bathroom or the kitchen of your home? Maybe you're looking forward to brand new construction. In either case, now is the perfect time to consider investing in energy efficient plumbing fixtures and appliances. Modern, efficient plumbing can save you money on both your water and energy bills.

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Tips for Tightening Pipe Fittings

different types of plumbing pipe fittings

Pipe fittings may seem like a very insignificant part of the plumbing system, but they play a rather huge role. Fittings are used to join pipes together to regulate or measure water flow. Finding the right fitting is important, but it is equally important that you install them properly. Fittings that are improperly installed can lead to costly repairs.

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4 Common Septic Tank Problems

septic tank in yard under inspection

A septic system that's properly installed and maintained correctly should last for years, even decades. However, like any system in your home, your septic tank will occasionally need inspections and possibly repairs. Keeping up with regular inspections and maintenance can help prevent common septic tank problems from becoming costly.

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