Professional Plumbing Tips

Small Leaks Can Lead to Big Repairs

plumber fixing leak in kitchen

When you think of plumbing leaks, your first thought is probably of a leaky faucet. This type of plumbing leak is pretty easy to spot (if nothing else, the sound will drive you crazy)! However, not all leaks are that obvious.

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3 Common Causes of Clogged Drains

sink with clogged drain in need of plumbing services

Clogged drains are not only a real annoyance, they can also have adverse effects on your maintenance expenses. The truth is that whether a drain is mildly or severely clogged, it is preventable and the first step to prevent it is by knowing its cause. Below are some of the common causes of clogged drains and the steps you can take to prevent them.

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Helpful Steps to Retrieve Lost Objects from the Toilet

toilet returned to its place by plumber after retrieving lost object from bowl

Losing a small piece of jewelry or other object in the toilet can be a very harrowing experience. However, the chances of retrieving it are usually pretty good. First of all, don't panic! Start by taking a deep breath. It's possible that it hasn't fully escaped the bowl yet.

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3 Steps to Help Determine When You Should Replace Your Sump Pump

replacement of sump pump unit in basement

If you're like most homeowners, you probably don't think much about your sump pump – until something goes wrong. The worst time to discover your sump pump needs work is when your basement or home is filling with water. Learning more about how your sump pump works will allow you to spot the signs of trouble early and ensure this important device gets the attention it needs.

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3 Precautions to Take to Prevent Rusty Pipes

rusty pipe along wall of building

When exposed to too much oxygen, pipes are vulnerable to corrosion and the development of rust. All metal pipes, including copper, cast iron, and galvanized steel, are vulnerable to corrosion, and hot water pipes are even more susceptible than their cold water counterparts. If you're worried about rusty plumbing, consider these three precautions.

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