Professional Plumbing Tips

4 Ways to Shrink Your Water Bill

500 dollars saved after lower water bill

Everyone wants to know how to save when it comes to water. Water is essential to our daily living, and yet it costs so much just to use it. This guide will show you how to shrink your water bill with just a few easy adjustments to your routine.

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How to Get By Until the Plumber Arrives

plumber fixing toilet

Running water is one of those things that's easy to take for granted until you have to make do without it. When a plumbing emergency arises and you have to turn off your main water valve, suddenly many things become more difficult. But don't panic! There are ways to get by until your water can be restored.

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Caring for Toilet Rim Jets

water in toilet bowl

Under the rim of your toilet, rim jets send water from the tank swirling into the bowl to flush your toilet. They're easy to forget about, but without them, your toilet couldn't work. If the rim jets get clogged or blocked, water can't get through and your toilet won't flush correctly.

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Cleaning Your Garbage Disposal and Preventing Odors

looking down at garbage disposal drain

Have you ever been in your kitchen and gotten a whiff of a bad smell? You'll likely break out your cleaner and give everything a good wipe down, but the smell persists. Chances are, that odor is coming from your garbage disposal, even if you rarely use it. Like any appliance in your kitchen, the garbage disposal needs regular cleaning.

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Go Green with Your Plumbing

faucet running water

Many people think of plumbing as a relatively stagnant industry and that not much changed since the days of the Roman Empire. However, the plumbing industry is changing with the times, and in the 21st century, we're eco-friendlier than ever before.

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