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What Could Be Clogging Your Home's Yard Drain?

If your house has a pool or extensive landscaping, you probably have an exterior drain to help manage any accidental water overflow. This drain sends excess water to your street's drain, so it doesn't locally flood your property. Unfortunately, that connection fail with backups in your yard or any potential clogs caused by your yard's trees. Prevent clogs in your exterior yard drain to ensure you don't become swamped with a standing water swamp.

overhead view of L-shaped backyard pool surrounded by grass and trees

  • Keep the grille free of debris. During the summer and fall, plants and trees lose both blooms and leaves. This can cover the drains grill completely and impede its ability to drain water away from your property. Eventually, however, the weight or force of the water will push some of the debris into the drain with it, and that will start to build up under the grille. The best thing you can do is keep leaves raked away from the drain or consider altering your landscaping to keep plants, like acorn trees, away. Otherwise, a thorough, routine cleaning is necessary
  • Check for roots growing into the drain. While yard drain clogs can happen and often just need a heavy-duty wet/dry vacuum to clear out the leaves and muck, some clogs are more serious and can't just be vacuumed out or pushed free. If you have trees right up against the drain line, their growing roots are likely to push into the side of the drain and constrict the opening. Even worse, they can grow and sprout leaves and branches to fill spaces, even more entrenching the roots into your drainage system. Seek professional help if roots grow out of control and block or suffocate your drains.

If you have exterior drain clogs, your yard could flood and end up with standing water after the next rainfall. Contact us today to schedule a professional inspection on your drain and find the best ways to protect it.

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