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Flooding from a leak or a burst pipe can cause a lot of damage. Upon discovering the mess, you may be tempted to make repairs and clean up the scene immediately, but this can actually ruin your chances of settling an insurance claim in your favor. Understand and prepare for the insurance process before facing flooding damage caused by plumbing issues to properly file a claim to help with recovery costs.

Call Your Insurance Agency

The quicker you call to report the damage to your insurance agency, the quicker they will be able to send a representative to your location to survey the damages. It is important that your insurance agency knows that damage has occurred as soon as possible. 

Document the Damage

As soon as you see there is a problem, start taking pictures and videos. Capture the extent of the damage, the source of the damage, and take a visual record of any valuables, such as furniture, that have water damage. 

If you know the source or cause of damage, write down how you discovered the damage, the impacts, and the current situation. Be as descriptive as possible. Even though you may be experiencing shock from unexpected flooding, writing this down helps you remember details later. Offer this statement directly to your insurance agent when they ask about the incident. 

Review Your Insurance Policy

Make sure to review your insurance policy before your agent arrives, as this will give you some indication of whether the claim will be covered by your policy and will prepare you for any questions the agent may have. 

Mitigate Further Losses

Do not repair or restore anything before the insurance claim has been settled, but do prevent further damage from continuing. Remove standing water, stop the flow of water in the case of a leaking pipe, and move wet items to a well-ventilated area for them to dry. Keep any receipts from emergency repairs needed to contain the problem and preventing additional damage. Again, make sure all specifics are written down and documented visually. 

Once you have taken these steps, you should be prepared for the insurance agent to survey the damages and assess your claim. Following these steps will improve the chances of claims going in your favor to help your repair and recovery costs. For quality, affordable repairs from a fully licensed, professional plumbing company, contact us!

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