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Having a vacation rental spot is fun and can provide a little extra income, allowing you to rent it out to visitors that need a temporary stay. There is a little extra work owners need to consider to keep it running well with minimal problems, especially since vacation homes are often not tended to year-round. If you own a vacation rental, working to make sure that your guests have a great stay is a priority. Part of this includes taking steps to avoid common plumbing problems. Here are three ways vacation rental owners can combat common plumbing problems, so that guests will have less maintenance issues to deal with while on vacation.

Leave Guests Notes and Instructions for Special Plumbing

If your vacation rental might have plumbing limitations, be sure to list them out, so that renters don’t inadvertently do damage to your plumbing. Notes and instructions are important to give to renters if there are problem areas in the home. Details such as what not to put down the garbage disposal or toilet can be a huge help and guide your guests from causing plumbing issues that could have been easily avoided.

“Empower” Your Guests

Chances are, your vacation renters would love to be able to solve minor issues themselves, so be sure they have the resources to do so. Equip your home, so your guests have the tools needed for basic repairs. This includes having clog remover under the sink and a plunger in the bathroom. Also, if guests have access to trash bins in the bathroom, they will be less likely to flush non-septic-friendly paper products down the toilet.

Know the Local Plumber in Case of Emergency

Regardless of how many steps you take to minimize plumbing problems with your vacation rental, there might be issues that will inevitably come up. Have a local plumber on-call to help, so your guests can get emergency plumbing repairs taken care of quickly. Include your preferred plumber’s contact information in your guest book, in case there are issues during off-hours or for when you are unreachable.

By understanding common plumbing problems vacation home owners might run into and arming your house with the right tools and details, you can easily avoid escalating problems and unhappy guests. If you have a plumbing emergency or maintenance issue, contact us for additional assistance.

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