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Preparing Your Plumbing System for the HolidaysDuring the holiday season, many people love to invite family and friends over to their home. If you plan to host a holiday gathering, Brian Wear Plumbing advises you to prepare your plumbing system for the extra workload. Here are a few important tips to keep in mind.

Have Your Drains Professionally Cleaned

Now is a good time to have your drains professionally cleaned by a plumber in Columbia, MO. This is especially true if you’re already dealing with a slow drain. You should avoid liquid drain cleaners at all costs. These products are formulated with toxic chemicals, which can seriously damage your plumbing system.

Properly Insulate Your Pipes

The weather can become quite cold during the winter. It’s not uncommon for a plumbing company to be called for frozen pipes. This is a problem that can leave your household without running water. To help prevent disaster while you’re celebrating, be sure to have your pipes properly insulated before temperatures start to drop.

Avoid Using “Ultra Soft” Toilet Paper

You’re not doing your plumbing system any favors by using “ultra soft” toilet paper. Although you may appreciate the softness of this premium tissue, it’s far more likely to cause a clog. Professionals recommend using one-ply toilet paper, as it’s much easier to flush down the drain and can help avoid the need for frequent plumbing services.

Make Sure Wastebaskets Are In Your Bathrooms

During the holiday season, your bathroom is likely to get more traffic than usual. Make sure there’s a wastebasket in every bathroom. This will help prevent your guests from tossing trash into the toilet, which can clog your sewer line. A nasty toilet backup will likely require emergency plumbing. Among the worst items to flush include diapers, feminine hygiene products, baby wipes, and cigarettes.

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