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Unless you live in an arid region of the country, you’re probably familiar with the sight of a sump pump’s discharge line snaking out of every basement or crawl space. Sump pumps are an absolute necessity if you live in an area with a high-water table. However, water close to the soil surface isn’t the only reason to install a sump pump.

Four Main Reasons You May Need a Sump Pump

  1. Your home sits in a low-lying pocket. Even a wide, flat area doesn’t effectively drain water away from your foundation.
  2. You live in an area that receives heavy precipitation. Heavy precipitation or melting snow can easily create flood conditions.
  3. A prior history of flooding is a good indicator that your home has a greater chance of flooding again sometime in the future.
  4. A finished basement doesn’t cause flooding, but it can hide what’s happening behind the sheetrock. A finished basement generally results in costlier losses if it ever does flood. Unless you have a sump pump, your insurance coverage may not cover those losses. This is especially true if one or more of the previous three reasons to install a sump pump apply to your home.

Benefits of a Sump Pump

Besides preventing costly floods, there are many other benefits of installing a sump pump. A properly working sump pump can help reduce the excess humidity that can cause paint to peel and wood trim to warp. It also protects basement appliances like washers, dryers, and freezers from rust and corrosion.

A sump pump can reduce mustiness and the mold and mildew that often accompanies it. It may also help prevent insect infestations by keeping your basement warmer and dryer all year round. Even if you only have a crawl space instead of a basement, you’ll reap many of these same benefits.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of having a sump pump is the peace of mind you’ll enjoy. Even when it’s pouring rain or the ground is soggy from melting snow, you can rest assured that your foundation is safe and your basement or crawl space is dry!

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