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Are you sick of high water bills that you can’t seem to control or bring down? Consider installing a steam shower. While this type of shower may cost a little bit of money upfront to install in your home, it will ultimately help you save on monthly utility bills by conserving water.

What Is a Steam Shower?

Rather than a steady flow of water, a steam shower uses hot steam mist to clean your body. This might seem like magic, but it can still clean your body and eliminate odors and bacteria. It works with boiling water and blasting steam through the shower head. The amount of boiled water used in a steam shower is minuscule compared to normal water shower flows.

Do They Have Other Benefits?

While steam showers can help you save money on your water bills, they can also boost your skin health, eliminate dead skin cells, kill bacteria, improve your circulation, decrease your blood pressure, break up congestion in your lungs, eliminate stress, and help your muscles recover after exercise. While they aren’t exactly a miracle cure for these problems, they can offer many therapeutic benefits that help decrease their severity.

What Do They Cost?

Here’s where many people may balk at buying a steam shower. Adding one to your home can cost as much as $2,500. This is about $1,000 more than installing a normal replacement shower tub, including the installation costs. However, it can help you save a large amount of water in the long-run. For example, a normal 20-minute shower could use 40 gallons of water, where a similar steam shower uses two gallons. This kind of water conservation can really save you a lot of money. If you take a 40-gallon shower every day, you would use 14,600 gallons of water in a year; however, a two-gallon shower could use merely 730. That’s 95 percent in savings.

Steam showers are a little out of the norm but are a worthy investment. If you are interested in installing one of these showers in your home, contact us to learn more.

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