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Our Services in Columbia, MO, and Nearby Areas

There are many issues that will require home and property owners to seek out the services and solutions that only a professional plumber can provide. From simple upkeep and maintenance to emergency plumbing solutions, it pays to consult a plumber in Columbia, MO, and nearby areas from Brian Wear Plumbing. 

Dealing with our plumbing company means you can benefit from a full range of quality plumbing services and plumbing repairs. Our experts can address any number of issues that homeowners can face at the most inopportune times. We offer:

Upkeep, Maintenance, and Basic Plumbing Services

From a simple clog or leak to the most convenient and cost-effective options for water heater repair in Columbia, MO, and other areas we serve, Brian Wear Plumbing has the tools, experience and other resources needed to ensure quality plumbing repairs and maintenance solutions. Trusting the wrong company to handle water heater replacement, sewer repair services, and emergency plumbing work can be nothing short of a disaster. Even a simple drain cleaning can be of greater benefit when handled by the right professional plumbing company like Brian Wear Plumbing.

Remodeling, Renovations, and Plumbing Upgrades

When it comes to finding a plumber in Columbia, MO, and the surrounding areas, homeowners would do well to choose a professional better able to handle remodeling projects and other home upgrades involving their plumbing. Sewer line replacement can be an essential concern when planning a home expansion and water heater installation services for upgrades or when making the switch from a traditional water heater to a tankless water heater means that even the most ambitious home upgrades and renovations will still leave the household with plenty of hot water.

Sewer Lines and Plumbing Emergencies

While a clogged drain or the sudden loss of hot water can lead to significant inconvenience, irritation or household discomfort, being able to replace sewer line or schedule sewer pipe line repair without delay can be an issue of far greater significance. Issues and situations where a delay in service could lead to a more serious problem or higher repair costs may constitute a true plumbing emergency. When it comes to sewer line repair in Columbia, MO, and nearby areas contracts, Brian Wear Plumbing can deal with the problem as promptly as possible to prevent further damage to your home.

Water Treatment and Conditioning

Removing sediment and other deposits that may be found within the household water supply is another concern that home and property owners would do well to address. Scheduling a service appointment with a plumbing company that has the resources and expertise needed to handle water treatment or conditioning concerns with greater ease and success can help to eliminate any number of potential issues. Hard water deposits can stain surfaces or increase the wear and strain being placed on pipes, fixtures, and appliances. Addressing pH issues or removing contaminants that may be responsible for strong odors or water that may have an unpleasant taste is another job that often requires the services and assistance of a qualified professional.

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At Brian Wear Plumbing, we understand that there is no such thing as a minor plumbing problem. That's why we have spent the past 15 years providing our clients in Columbia, MO; Ashland, MO; and Hallsville, MO with the best quality repairs and the most cost-effective service options possible. Whether you are interested in a routine drain cleaning or faced with a true plumbing emergency, a plumber from our team can help you right away.

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Feel free to give us a call today to schedule an appointment with a plumber in Columbia, MO, and the surrounding areas. Whether it’s doing drain line maintenance or preparing to replace sewer lines, you are going to be satisfied with our work.

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