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Drain Cleaning Solutions in Columbia, MO, and Nearby Areas

Brian Wear Plumbing takes pride in being your trusted plumber in Columbia, MO, and the surrounding areas. Apart from our fixture and general services, we can address your issues with your drains. Our drain cleaning solutions and drain line maintenance are exactly what you will need to address any clogged drain.

Our Drain Cleaning Services

Our team is well-versed in all kinds of cleaning services. Once you suspect that there is a clog or blockage affecting your plumbing, be sure to reach out to Brian Wear Plumbing. We can provide you an array of solutions to deal with the issue promptly and effectively.

There are many signs that mean that a plumbing system requires maintenance. The most common signs are

A noisy drain

Inside a drain, you may hear a loud gurgling sound when something is lodged in the plumbing system. This noise can generate in pipes under a toilet or sink.

A strong odor

A plumbing system has nooks and crannies that attract debris. When you detect a foul odor, organic matter is decomposing in these zones. If the source of an odor isn't removed, waste will back up in a plumbing system and cause a clog.

Discolored water

Organic matter can also make the water in a plumbing system brown, dirty, and dingy. When this happens, you'll need immediate drain line maintenance before waste causes a clog.

We specialize in:

  • Drain Cleaning
  • Drain Snaking
  • Hydro Jetting
  • Drain Line Maintenance

Drain snaking is a traditional method that can address common clogs, but we offer other modern ways to deal with the more stubborn issues than can cause pipe damage soon. You can be sure that our drain cleaning services can deal with the problem right away. We can conduct an inspection to remove the guesswork from resolving your clogged drain problem.

General Drain Line Maintenance

Every plumbing system will need drain line maintenance by a plumber at some point because the procedures prevent the need for plumbing repairs. Because plumbing requires precision and care, this maintenance routine is a job for a plumber in Columbia, MO, and nearby areas. If you work with us, we'll ensure that all lines that run throughout your home are clog-free.

The Importance of Drain Cleaning Services

When you use fixtures in your home, tap water that contains bacteria and mold will cause problems in some pipes. In toilets and kitchen and bathroom sinks, the risks are higher because the pipes underneath these fixtures harvest hair, grease, and organic matter. This is how a typical plumbing system develops a clog, and if a clog lingers, bacteria could cause health problems by contaminating the air.

If you don't schedule an appointment for drain cleaning, the indoor air quality will drop first. Then, after the water begins to seep everywhere, your foundation, flooring, and ceilings will begin to weaken or break down.

Basic Drain Line Maintenance Solutions for a Homeowner

Besides professional drain line services, there are other ways to maintain a plumbing system. Typically, a strong defense is a smart strategy, and you can develop a defensive plan for your home by:

Landscaping strategically

If you're going to place new trees or plants on your property, research your sewer system's underground layout first because tree and plant roots always harvest water from the nearest water source. On a residential property, the closest source in the wastewater in sewer lines. If you plant trees and scrubs away from all underground pipes, you'll never have to call a plumber to eliminate a root blockage.

Observing all cleanouts

The cleanouts lead directly to the sewer lines. They're easy to find outdoors; just look for any plastic-capped pipes that are several inches above the ground. Your cleanouts will need maintenance whenever they emit a foul odor. To get rid of a smell, remove the cap, and rinse the line with bleach.

Apart from drain cleaning, we provide:

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