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When you think of plumbing leaks, your first thought is probably of a leaky faucet. This type of plumbing leak is pretty easy to spot (if nothing else, the sound will drive you crazy)! However, not all leaks are that obvious.

Home Appliances that are Prone to Leaks

Over time, pipes and tubes can crack and fittings may become worn and loose. Any appliance in your home that has water running into or out of it can leak and should be inspected periodically.

  • Water heaters. Cracks can develop not only in the pipes but the in the tank itself. Any sign of leakage from your water heater should be acted on immediately. A minor nuisance can quickly turn into a significant flood.
  • Washing machines. A slow leak behind your washing machine can easily go unnoticed. However, even small leaks can cause mold growth and damage the walls and floor in your laundry room.
  • Dishwashers. As with a washing machine, there can be water damage to the surrounding wall or cabinet if a leak occurs. The supply line is often highly pressurized and if it breaks, your kitchen floor could be damaged.
  • Refrigerators. The supply lines in the ice maker may wear out over time. Water can also drip and pool around the base of the refrigerator.

Hidden Dangers of Ignoring a Leak

Ignoring a small leak can lead to expensive home repairs like mold removal, replacing your flooring, or even gutting a wall down to the studs. Catching minor repairs early can help keep appliances in good working order and prevent damaged property.

Stay ahead of the game by regularly checking the pipes, tubes, and fittings on all your appliances and fixtures. Be sure to move larger appliances to check the walls and floors for any signs of leaks.

Don’t ignore any water leaks in or around your fixtures and appliances, no matter how small. Leaks never go away on their own and they certainly don’t fix themselves. For more information on how to prevent leaks in your home or to schedule a plumbing inspection, contact us at Brian Wear Plumbing today!

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