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 Spring is finally here, and as you start those outdoor projects here’s a couple of plumbing tips.

     First and foremost your outside spigots.  Be careful the first time you use them. Make sure they operate properly and aren’t leaking. Particularly check inside the home in case the hydrants froze over the winter and now leaks in the home when turned on. 

     If you have a septic system or a lift station with a grinder pump spring is a good time to clean them. It’s a good idea to pull the lid and take a garden hose and spray off floats and other parts, to help them continue to function properly. You can hire someone with a pump to empty tanks and do this professionally as well.

     Fill your tubs and sinks with water and drain at once while flushing toilets. If drain is slow or backs up you should have them cabled before you have major problems.

     Check your yard for wet spots that don’t dry up which may indicate a leak in your water service. If you find one call your water company to come out and check the problem.

     Have a great spring!

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