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Unfortunately, several myths surround the plumbing system. Acting on these misconceptions can worsen existing plumbing issues or breed problems that damage your fixtures. That said, it’s crucial to know the truth behind common plumbing myths, which your trusted plumber in Columbia, MO, from Brian Wear Plumbing debunks below:

A Leaky Faucet is Harmless

Many people think that dripping faucets are nothing to worry about. However, you can incur huge bills from the most negligible amounts of wasted water. You should immediately seek plumbing services when you notice a leaky faucet.

You Can Flush Flushable Wipes

Just because they are called flushable wipes does not mean they are safe to flush. They don’t dissolve like toilet paper, which means they will only build up in your pipes over time until they form a clog. Contact a trusted plumbing company for an in-depth inspection if you’re worried about drain clogs resulting from flushing wipes and other foreign objects.

Tightly Turning Faucet Handles Should Stop the Leak

Usually, water will leak when the faucets are not properly shut off. However, many homeowners tighten their faucet handles too much, which can only cause damage. You might break the grip, or it might get stuck; therefore, only shut it to stop the water flow. If the leaking continues, seek plumbing repairs immediately.

You Can Unclog a Sink with A Plunger

It is possible to unclog a sink using a plunger, but not in all circumstances. Using a plunger is unsafe when there are chemicals down the drain. The substance may cause burns if they back up during plunging. When plungers can’t do the trick, it’s time to seek professional help. Also, avoid chemical cleaners at all costs.

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