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Gas lines are an essential part of keeping your home warm and providing your plumbing with the heat it needs to operate properly. Unfortunately, gas leaks can occur outside of your home that will not only decrease your heating efficiency but also put your home at a serious risk. That’s why it is essential to understand how to diagnose these problems quickly and efficiently. Look for the following signs around your house where a gas leak may be silently wasting your hard-earned dollars and posing a threat to your home safety.

Dying Plants Around Your Home

If your home has many plants around its foundation near your gas line, regularly check the health of these plants. Dying plants indicate that gas is escaping and poisoning these plants. Make sure to turn off your gas, and call a plumbing professional right away. They can identify the source of the leak and fix it before it becomes a more serious concern.

Bubbles in Mud Puddles

When it rains, check near your gas line for any mud puddles near it. If you see bubbles popping up around the surface, you likely have a gas leak. Bubbles indicate escaping gas that can vary in severity. Slower bubbles are common with small leaks while faster bubbles showcase a large leak.

Recurrence of Small Yard Fires

Small fires popping up in your yard can be a scary and difficult situation to manage. This is particularly true if these fires indicate a gas leak. A small fire near your gas leak can become a serious problem if you don’t manage it right away, literally adding fuel to the flame.

If you suspect a gas leak near your home, investigate and look for professional help. Don’t hesitate to contact us if the situation gets worse, so you can avoid catastrophe and even costlier repairs.

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