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Along with kitchens, bathrooms are one the all-important hubs of family life. Because every family member uses the bathroom every single day, it needs to function well but also be easy to clean and pleasant to look at. If you’re planning a bathroom remodel, or adding a bathroom it’s helpful to learn about the latest trends in bathroom remodeling so that you can adapt your plans to include one or more of them. A look at what’s trending will help in your decision-making process and inspire you to try something you may not have thought of before.

Bathroom Walls and Floors

One very hot trend in bathrooms is to have a so-called “feature wall” — one wall that’s eye-catching and different from the other three walls. A feature wall can be stone, for a rustic or outdoorsy feeling, wood (think cedar or hardwood) to add visual warmth to the room, or perhaps a brightly tiled wall.

Grey slate tile floors are showing up in many new bathrooms. The reason is two-fold: 1. Grey in general is a trending color and 2. Tile floors are very popular and matching grey grout is easier to maintain than traditional white grout.

Sinks, Tubs, Showers and Toilets

Vessel sinks are still trendy and come in so many styles and materials, and apron-front sinks, previously seen mainly in kitchens, are suddenly becoming very popular as a bathroom sink option.

The hands-down winner for the latest trend in bathtubs is an acrylic free-standing tub. They are the newest version of the old-fashioned claw foot bathtubs of yore. They’re so striking and sculptural, they’re focal points in and of themselves. They’re great for soaking in a warm bath because the acrylic material tends to hold heat well, keeping the water warm longer. If your tastes run more toward the traditional, many companies also make updated claw foot tubs.

Tile is the buzz-word in showers, along with sleek glass doors and either a free-standing teak bench or a built-in tile seat. The latest trend in toilets isn’t so much an aesthetic thing as it is a water-saving craze. Low-flow models are very popular and use much less water than an older toilet does.


Two of the hottest bathroom vanity trends are flat panel models and floating vanities, which make a small room look larger and any size bathroom easier to clean. For those who prefer a more classic or traditional style, a vanity styled to look like a fine piece of furniture is another hot trend.

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